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When building our own full service real estate photography company, we set out with the intention of providing a high quality product without the cumbersome manual effort that it usually required. We wanted to make high quality, beautiful real estate photography available to marketing professionals on any budget.

We started by building an automated image processing framework using both proprietary code and off-the-shelf software. We quickly realized the benefits of an automated system producing high quality imagery, and hired the best talent we could find to develop groundbreaking algorithms specifically designed for real estate marketing.

Today, HDReal® consists of a series of complex and intelligent proprietary algorithms that automatically merge multiple exposures and apply a series of image-specific corrections to your real estate images - all without human touch. There is simply no system anywhere that can combine the speed, quality, consistency, and affordability of HDReal®.

After automated processing, an HDReal® image processing expert reviews each image to ensure that it meets strict standards prior to delivery. We then send you an email letting you know that your images are ready for download.

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